The celebration of National Reading Day by the Department of English and other languages, CHRYSALLIS in collaboration with Vidhyarambham club, GVHSS Nadakkavu, was a vibrant and enriching session  titled “The Book Voyage: Journey into Books”. This event aimed to celebrate the joy of reading and literature through a diverse array of activities. The program featured insightful book talks on notable works such as Khaled Hosseini’s poignant “The Kite Runner”, Helen Keller’s inspirational autobiography “The Story of My Life”, Ashwathy Srikanth’s contemporary narrative “The Kali”, KR Meera’s provocative “Aarachar”, and Paulo Coelho’s philosophical masterpiece “The Alchemist”. These discussions not only explored themes of friendship, adversity, cultural identity, societal norms, and personal growth but also engaged participants in deep literary analysis and reflection. The event culminated with a lively Literacy Quiz, testing participants’ knowledge and understanding of the discussed texts, thereby fostering intellectual curiosity and community spirit among attendees. Overall, “The Book Voyage” successfully promoted the importance of reading and literacy while fostering a deeper appreciation for diverse literary works and their impact on individuals and society.

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