Disabled Friendly Campus

Disability is widely recognized as a cross cutting developmental issue that has relevance to all dimensions of social exclusion. The major areas of concern are inclusion, participation, access and quality in all walks of life. It is imperative that they are fully included in society, including having equal access to quality education. Many children and adults with disabilities have historically been excluded from mainstream education opportunities. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) recognizes the right of people with disabilities to be included in the general education systems and to receive the individual support they require.

We believe that systematic change to remove barriers and provide reasonable accommodation and support services is required to ensure that people with disabilities are not excluded from mainstream educational opportunities. Inclusive education entails identifying and removing barriers and providing reasonable accommodation, enabling every learner to participate and achieve within mainstream settings.

The college provides an accessible environment and inclusive services for students which includes academic support and accommodations for students with disability making the campus more disabled friendly. We have provisions such as ramps, lifts, accessible toilets, assistive technologies and individual assistance for students with disabilities in the campus. Moreover the college has been involved in activities for social inclusion and support for people with disabilities in the neighbourhood communities. We believe that the inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in education is important as education contributes to human capital formation and is thus a key determinant of personal well-being and welfare and excluding them from educational and employment opportunities has high social and economic costs.