Green Campus

The college has been using its infrastructure and policy structures oriented towards molding an eco-friendly campus and an eco-stabilized environment. The institution organizes strategically prioritized programs and administered projects and activities towards the protection, maintenance and conservation of the Environment. The sense of responsibility towards the green earth is an area of priority in view of the recurring unhealthy practices that surge up in everyday life. Some of the major activities include

  • Projects and programs on Ecological concerns
  • Improved ecological responsibilities through eco-friendly practices
  • Awareness programs and discussions towards imparting eco-friendly practices
  • Campus and classroom programs
  • Cleaning water resources and Construction of bund and check dam for balancing the natural forces
  • Production units for eco-friendly innovations like paper pen, fabrics and other ventures
  • Planted hundreds of trees in chosen circles and areas inside and outside the campus
  • Reintroduced eco-friendly traditional produce