Code of Conduct Committee

The code of conduct is necessary for an organization to ensure progress and development as it enforces ethics and professionalism in staff and students. The code of conduct committee of the institution was constituted with the aim to monitor the implementation of the code of conduct approved by the management committee. The committee comprises the principal, Vice-principal and senior staff representatives from various departments.


  • To define the desired behavior of the employees and students of the institution
  • Develop a well-defined code of conduct for students and staff members.
  • To ensure proper functioning of various services and resources
  • To work as a grievance redressal system in case of any faults in proper execution of code of conduct

Code of Conduct Committee 2022-23

Sl. NoNameDesignation
1Dr.Sr. Shiny GeorgePrincipal
2Dr. Martin BernardVice Principal
3Mr. Tinto AnilHoD, Department of Hotel Management
4Mr. Sudheesh TFaculty, Department of Hotel Management
5Mr. Shailesh MathewsFaculty, Department of English and other languages
6Ms. Regina JagannathFaculty, Department of Commerce and Management
7Dr. Vineeth MathewFaculty, Department of Economics
8Mr. Jose MathewHoD, Department of Social Work
9Mr. SreelakshmiHoD, Department of Fashion Designing
10Mr. Renab Narayanan P.TFaculty, Department of English and other languages
11Ms. AswathiFaculty, Department of English and other languages