The Holy Cross Institute of Management and Technology believes that any teacher should primarily be sensible enough to understand that students are not mere objects of education, but are human beings undergoing a phase of transition in life with a lot of pressure and stressors. It’s important for the academicians to focus more on the mental health of students and promote a positive environment in academic space so that academic stress and other psychological issues can be prevented.

We ensure that:
  • provide general training to all teachers regarding general mental health
  • student is assigned a teacher as a mentor who can support the student
  • delivery of curriculum is planned such that it does not affect the mental well-being of students
  • workshops and trainings is conducted for students on mindfulness and well-being
  • are encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extension activities
  • for parents on the need for their support to children in academic activities are conducted.
  • institution has a sound referral system in access so that students can be referred to experts as per the need.

Counselling service is available in the institution for supporting students in academic and personal distress. Students are guided to deal with emotional and psychological problems in the best possible ways. Comprehensive guidance and support in improving the problem-solving skills and coping with adverse situations helps the students to be more positive and empower them to lead a healthy and positive life.

Student Corner