Student’s Union

The college union being the most important body of student representation is elected annually based on the voting system. The union performs the role of a participatory unit in the college functions and actively imparts the responsibilities towards the system and the stakeholders. According to the notifications given by the University, election of Office Bearers to the Student Council of the College is conducted every academic year. A senior or experienced faculty is designated with (Returning Officer) the duty of conducting the elections. The college conducts the election in the Parliamentary Mode to elect the Office Bearers like the Chairman, the Vice Chairman (Girl) the Secretary, the Joint Secretary (Girl), Fine Arts Secretary, General Captain of the College, Magazine Editor, the University Union Councilor and UG/PG Representatives. There are special provisions for the proper representation of both genders.

The returning officers along with the selected staff members channelize the conduct of college union elections. The union brings out the innovative ideas and recommends the progressive alterations required for the up gradation of the student community. The union gains experience and adds to the working experience and productivity of college, state and eventually the nation.

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