Front Office

The front office lab is fully equipped with the ultra-modern facilities to impart training to the students in both theory and practical sessions for students of Hotel Management & Catering science

Training Restaurant

Food & Beverage Production Lab

  • Basic Training Kitchen with advance kitchen providing exposure for students with individual practice to acquire the culinary skill and the knowledge of gastronomic values
  • Bakery Unit equipped with 2 tier ovens, proving chambers. Planetary mixtures, Dough machine, Sheeter etc. and students are given training in Ice Carving, Butter Sculpture, Ice sockless, Sugar craft, Chocolate craft, Cakes and confectionary items, Food Display etc.
  • Quantity Kitchen for bulk cooking and catering with an Emphasis on Indian cuisine.

Housekeeping Lab

Housekeeping lab with well-appointed double bed room and suite room, with modern equipment provides hands-on training in laundry operation, maintenance, use of chemicals and handling of uniforms for all the staff, guest room supplies etc. The students are trained in horticulture science, aesthetic sense of interior designing, flower arrangement etc.

Fashion Illustration Lab

Fashion illustration lab offers students an experimental space to explore their illustration skill and to develop a personal style. Students investigate the visual language of fashion through development of drawing skills and are given the opportunity to explore different mediums like watercolor, poster colour, oil pastels etc. and the lab is equipped with illustration tables.

Fashion Draping Lab

Fashion Draping lab is focused on pattern cutting and draping and students are taught the basics of draping. They learn about dress forms, body proportion and how to take measurements and drape and design couture garments. Students are encouraged to be innovative and creative with their designs using the dress forms of different sizes and large pattern making tables.

Textile Processing Lab

Textile processing lab creates awareness regarding the fabric testing techniques and helps the students to acquire knowledge about various types of testing like Bursting strength tester Crimp Testing, Count Testing, Twist Testing, Stiffness Testing, Crease Testing, Abrasion Testing, Drape Testing, Tearing strength ,Testing ,Lee strength Testing and weave analysis.

Computer Labs

College provides the best technology facilities for the students. The college has set up a lab with fully air- conditioned, with power backup facility.

Pattern Making Lab

Pattern making labs enable the student to interpret the design and create the design for various body measurements. Students learn to take measurements from dress form in both metric and imperial methods and practice dart manipulation techniques, overgarment blocks create style variation using slopers and Grading of patterns.