Department Of English

Englica, the Association of the department of English, is an organization that strives to tap the potential of students and give them a platform to showcase their talents. It holds various competitions and events that encourage the students to develop creative and literary talents along with a social consciousness. It intends to engage students in a constant pursuit of knowledge, literary awareness, communication skills and personality development. Ranging from various seasonal competitions held in celebration of festivals like Onam and Christmas, it focuses on monthly activities which give all its participants a chance to take part and win accolades. It comes up with various workshops and seminars regularly that help enrich skills in the students. Various celebrated dignitaries and subject experts are also invited which give the students a chance to mingle with the experts and broaden their perspectives. It also takes the initiative to organize interactive sessions and discussions that help increase their confidence and public speaking skills. Like a well-oiled machine, it conducts each event smoothly and perfectly with amazing communications between students and teachers.