Holy Cross Institute of Management and Technology develop and maintain effective partnership with parents and teachers in the decisions of education affairs so as to improve the system. The college has an active Parent Teachers Association which functions as an open channel between parents and teachers regarding the overall development of students.


  • To work for the welfare of every student
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of parents about their role in quality education
  • Encourage active involvement of parents in education of students
  • To develop an effective redressal mechanism for the students to register complaints in cases of any ragging issues.

PTA Executive Committee

  • Dr. Sr. Shiny George ( President )
  • Mr. Babu M G ( Vice President )
  • Ms. Regina Jaganathan ( Treasurer )
  • Ms. Roshna Prasanth ( Secretary )
  • Ms. Nisha Surej ( Joint Secretary )

PTA Members

  • Dr. Martin Bernard
  • Sr. Manju Thomas
  • Ms. Deepthi C E
  • Mr. Jithin Thomas
  • Mr. Rajesh Ambooken
  • Mr. Minoy C P
Student Corner