Minority/ OBC Cell

The Minority cell of the college works with the objective to empower the students who belong to the minority communities like Christian, Muslim, etc. for their academic development. The cell comprises the Principal, two staff representatives and three student representatives. The cell ensures that the needs of the minority communities are taken care of as per the provisions provided by the Constitution of India.


  • To monitor the implementation of various reservation policies as directed by the government and University.
  • To provide students with career counseling and thereby equip them with various employability skills.
  • To give proper mentoring and remedial classes for the students to excel in academic activities
  • To work as the grievance redressal mechanism for the students.


  • To provide academic assistance and remedial classes to students to excel in their studies.
  • Provides information regarding the various provisions permitted by the Government and University to cater to the needs of the students of the community.
  • Conducts career counseling to enhance the employability of the students of the community.
  • Installation of grievance mechanism and work to avoid discrmination in the campus

Minority/ OBC Cell 2022 – 23

Sl. NoNameDesignation
1Dr. Sr. Shiny GeorgeChairperson
2Mr. Raveendran A.PStaff Representative
3Mr. Renab Narayanan P TStaff Representative
4Mr. Sanaabil V PStudent Representative
5Mr. Mosses C MStudent Representative
6Mr. Ajin JohnStudent Representative

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