Department of Social Work


  • MSW – Master of Social Work

Department Overview

The Department of Social Work was established in 1995 as part of the social commitment of the institute. We started the department by providing diploma courses in social work to lay persons in the social service sector with an aim to equip them with cutting edge skills and expertise in social and development practices. Recognizing our critical and larger roles in these sectors, in 2008 we started a Post Graduate Programme in Social Work (MSW), affiliated to the University of Calicut with specializations in Community Development and Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. Beyond an academic degree, MSW provides opportunities for the students to develop interpersonal skills, self-esteem and human values and mould them as responsible citizens. The MSW Programme earned wide acclaim in a short span of time and we have contributed many enthusiastic and committed social workers to the society who are earnestly engaged as the social engineers in different parts of the country and abroad.

Vision & Mission

The vision of the Social Work department is to foster and promote holistic wellbeing of humanity for a just society.

Promote holistic wellbeing of individuals, groups, families and communities through effective involvement in their life situations.
Disseminating knowledge, skills and attitude to address the persisting and emerging social problems in rapidly diversifying local and global communities

Social Work Department