Healthy relationships and social-emotional learning enhances the development of student competencies and sense of belonging and overall development of students. Mentoring is a learning relationship between students and teachers who collaborate and share mutual responsibility and accountability which provides an opportunity for mutual growth & development.

Holy Cross Institute of Management and Technology has a mentoring system in the college to establish a meaningful relationship between students and teachers thereby enhancing the performance and growth of students. Mentoring support is provided to students in academic and co curricular activities and for emotional support for students.

Mentoring Process

Mentoring Guidelines

Responsibilities of Mentor

Mentoring guidelines are the practices suggested for the mentor so as to maintain a meaningful mentoring relationship. The major responsibilities of a mentor include:

  • Induct the students to the vision, mission, aims of the college
  • Work with the students in developing specific academic goals
  • Support the students to develop analytical and critical thinking enhancing self-development
  • Orient and inform the students on career fields and prospects
  • Promote academic achievements and co-curricular achievements
  • Identify common interests and build structured relationship for a period of time with regular interaction
  • Foster caring and supportive relationship with students
  • Encourage students to develop to their fullest potential and develop one’s own vision for the future
  • Enhance the communication skills, promote connections and collaborative efforts
  • Empathize with the student in her/his emotional and psychological needs

Responsibilities of Mentee

The mentors maintain a personal profile and diary for each student and update the information of the mentoring processes regularly. The mentor can seek the support of the trained counsellor of the college in case any psychological needs arise for any mentee out of the mentoring process. Apart from the academic information, the personal information of the mentee is kept strictly confidential and is disclosed to higher authorities (with the permission of the mentee) only in times of additional support.

  • Actively participate in the mentoring process for better results
  • Work in collaboration with the mentor to achieve the set goals
  • Be open in communication to improve interpersonal skills and to build a constructive relationship
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