To commemorate World Environment Day, the NSS unit at HCIMT organized a significant tree plantation event centered around the theme “Our Land, Our Future.” The initiative aimed to emphasize the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability among students, faculty, and the local community. The sampling plantation event involved the planting of a variety of tree species native to the region. Participants enthusiastically contributed to increasing the green cover while learning about the ecological significance of trees in mitigating climate change, improving air quality, and preserving biodiversity. The program included informative sessions and workshops conducted by environmental experts, who highlighted the role of trees in maintaining ecological balance and promoting sustainable development practices. Participants were educated on the importance of nurturing and caring for newly planted trees to ensure their long-term growth and survival. Through this event, the NSS unit succeeded in instilling a sense of environmental responsibility and encouraging active participation in conservation efforts among students and the wider community. By fostering a deeper connection with nature and promoting sustainable practices, the initiative inspired positive changes towards creating a greener and healthier future for all.

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