Ormacheppu 2024 was not just a reunion; it was a celebration of shared experiences, cherished memories, and enduring friendships. As alumni and former staff of HCIMT gathered, there was an unmistakable sense of excitement in the air—a palpable anticipation of the day’s events and the opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces. The atmosphere was one of warmth and camaraderie, as attendees checked in and were greeted with smiles and hugs, evoking memories of their freshman days when they first stepped foot on the HCIMT campus. Laughter and animated conversations filled the air, echoing the joyous reunions of old friends catching up after years apart.

Following the heartfelt sharing session, the executive committee took the stage to address important matters facing the alumni association. Discussions centered on ways to enhance engagement, foster mentorship opportunities, and support the next generation of HCIMT graduates. It was a moment of reflection and forward-thinking a commitment to preserving the legacy of HCIMT while embracing the opportunities of the future. As the day unfolded, attendees had the chance to reconnect with old friends and forge new connections through various activities and networking opportunities. Whether swapping business cards over coffee or reminiscing over photo albums from their college days, each interaction reinforced the bonds that had been forged at HCIMT.

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