The Department of English and Other Languages, HCIMT recently hosted a captivating invited talk series focusing on the captivating realms of poetry and language. This enriching session was led by none other than Mr. Tenzin Tsundue, a distinguished Tibetan activist known for his fervent advocacy and poignant literary works. The event provided a unique platform for attendees to delve into the profound nuances of poetry and language, exploring their transformative power in shaping narratives, fostering empathy, and igniting social change. Mr. Tsundue’s expertise and passionate commitment to his craft infused the session with a vibrant energy, inspiring participants to reflect on the intersection of art and activism. Throughout the talk series, Mr. Tsundue shared insights drawn from his own experiences as a poet and activist, offering a compelling perspective on the role of language in expressing cultural identity, advocating for justice, and resisting oppression. His evocative poetry resonated deeply with the audience, stirring emotions and provoking thoughtful dialogue on pressing social issues. Moreover, the session served as a catalyst for interdisciplinary dialogue, attracting students, faculty, and community members from diverse backgrounds united by their shared passion for literature and social justice. Through engaging discussions and interactive exchanges, participants were encouraged to explore the power of storytelling and linguistic expression as tools for social transformation.

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