The “KALAPRAYAANA 2024” art day celebration on February 2, 2024, transcended mere festivities, serving as a platform to underscore the indispensable role of arts in holistic education and professional development. Sr. Shiny George’s inaugural address at HCIMT eloquently emphasized the transformative power of artistic expression in shaping well-rounded individuals. Mr. Rakesh KM, leading the cultural committee, orchestrated the symbolic lighting of the lamp, symbolizing enlightenment through creativity. The event reached new heights with the presence of Mr. M K Sakhi, a celebrated musician and social media influencer, whose participation added not just glamour but also profound insight into the fusion of traditional and contemporary art forms. This amalgamation of cultural enrichment and creative fervor left an enduring impression on the artistic spirit of HCIMT, inspiring a renewed commitment to embracing and nurturing the arts.

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