The “Future Shapers: Crafting Classroom Excellence” workshop, organized jointly by the IQAC of HCIMT and Parivartan Corporate Training Academy, was a transformative event aimed at enhancing educational practices. Led by Mr. Arun Nair, CMD and Chief Mentor at Parivartan, the workshop focused on several key areas essential for Teachers. They were engaged deeply in sessions dedicated to fostering strong team dynamics and improving communication skills, recognizing these as foundational elements for effective classroom management. The workshop also underscored the importance of personal excellence in teaching, encouraging educators to develop their professional skills to better mentor and guide students.

Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, attendees gained valuable insights into innovative teaching methodologies and strategies for creating impactful learning environments. The program successfully equipped participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their educational roles, ultimately shaping the future of classroom excellence.

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