SOFTLOOM IT Solutions conducted a comprehensive ERP training program tailored specifically for educators, aiming to equip them with advanced skills in utilizing ERP software to streamline administrative processes and enhance educational outcomes. The training sessions were designed to cover a range of essential functionalities, including attendance management, timetable scheduling, and the effective use of tools for student grade management and assessment within the ERP framework. The program was structured to provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge, ensuring that teachers not only understood the theoretical aspects but also gained proficiency in applying these tools in their daily routines. Emphasis was placed on integrating communication tools available within the ERP system to facilitate better collaboration and information sharing among staff and students. Throughout the training, participants engaged in interactive sessions that encouraged active learning and problem-solving. Experienced trainers guided them through the intricacies of the ERP software, addressing specific challenges faced in educational environments. Practical exercises and case studies were incorporated to reinforce learning objectives and demonstrate real-world applications

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