The Department of Social Work, in collaboration with Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement) and the District Child Protection Unit, is organizing a crucial awareness program on child labor at Kozhikode Railway Station. This initiative aims to highlight the issue of child labor and raise awareness about its illegal and detrimental implications on young lives. The program’s central message, encapsulated in the slogan “Remember Child Labour as an Illegal Act,” underscores the importance of recognizing and combatting child labor as a violation of children’s rights and legal protections. By focusing on a high-traffic area like the railway station, the organizers aim to reach a diverse audience including commuters, travelers, and local residents, thereby amplifying the impact of their message. Activities planned for the program likely include educational sessions, interactive workshops, and awareness drives designed to inform the public about the realities of child labor. Participants may engage in discussions about the causes and consequences of child labor, laws and regulations safeguarding children’s rights, and the role of communities in preventing and reporting instances of child labor. Collaborating with Bachpan Bachao Andolan brings specialized expertise in child rights advocacy and grassroots mobilization against child labor. Their involvement ensures that the program incorporates effective strategies and messages based on years of experience in combating child exploitation and promoting child welfare.

Additionally, partnering with the District Child Protection Unit enhances the program’s impact by leveraging local governance mechanisms and legal frameworks to address cases of child labor effectively. This collaboration emphasizes the importance of a multi-sectoral approach involving government agencies, civil society organizations, and community stakeholders in tackling the complex issue of child labor.

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