Educational Policy

Our educational policy is inspired by the life, teachings and liberating love of Jesus who came to give life to all in its fullness and His call to spread the Good News of love, peace, justice and fraternity to all nations.

Fr. Theodosius and Mother Maria Theresa Scherer in their unbounded faith and trust in the Divine Providence obtained far-sightedness, innovation and creative approach to education. Diverse approaches to education led to activity based teaching and skill training aiming at holistic and integrated personality with love for nature and responsibility for its preservation. Students become good persons equipped with sound spiritual and moral values. Preferential attention to the under privileged such as girls, tribals, dalits, physically and mentally challenged is ensured at all levels.


•To develop and strengthen students intellectual, emotional, physical and artistic abilities, enable them to think, reflect, assess and verbalise.
•To make them self-reliant and independent to face life's challenges.
•To educate them on social issues with a sense of their role in forming a just society, and love the Nation above all diversities.
•To love and respect different religions and cultures.
•To love nature and mother earth and strive for its preservation
•To make them committed to implement this mission statement together with the management, staff and the students
•To foster effective leadership in the college community- among staff, students and parents. Builds up team spirit in the institution.
•To network with Holy Cross Institutions all over and other neighbouring educational institutions